Gemstone Aroma Roller - Crystal Quartz

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These are precious as a little gift to yourself or someone special! 

Each organza bag will contain:

    • Affirmation Card
    • 5 ml glass bottle with crystal roller ball and crystal chips
    • The contents of the roller bottle is our "Bloom" blend which is a vanilla infused coconut oil + the essential oils of lavender, ylang ylang and geranium.  
    • Tag explaining the benefits of the crystal 

*affirmation card will vary


Benefits of specific crystals:

  • Rose Quartz - opens the heart/inspires self love/fosters forgiveness/reduces stress
  • Sodalite - helps headaches/emotional balance/enhances self love/encourages objectivity
  • Obsidian - releases negativity/protects aura/improves sleep/protects health
  • Crystal Quartz - manifests intentions/removes energy blocks/improves concentration/amplifies energy
  • Red Jasper - stones of empowerment/inspires prosperity/spiritual grounding/increases fertility
  • Flurorite - protective/grounding/harmonizes spiritual energy/enhances intuition
  • Tiger Eye - inspires bravery/calms nervous system/metal clarity/protection