Organic Boobie Balm - tube

Organic Boobie Balm - tube

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1 ounce tube

Our butter is organic and cruelty-free. It provides soothing relief to sore, cracked nursing nipples! All-natural ingredients are safe for mom and baby and do not need to be washed off prior to breastfeeding

Best way to use: You can apply the butter to the nipples throughout the latter part of your pregnancy and the beginning weeks of nursing will create healthy, flexible tissues that will be more resistant to cracks, tears and chapping. Also use at any point in your nursing journey when you experience irritation.


Here's what our organic Boobie Butter contains:

Marshmallow Root: This herb contains germ-fighting and inflammation-relieving phyto-chemicals. It also contains compounds that help stimulate the immune system slightly. Marshmallow Root is known to help with bruises, chafing, sores and wounds… which is SO beneficial for those nursing!

Calendula Flower: Calendula is known for its amazing healing properties. The phyto-chemicals in these flowers opposes fungi, bacteria, viruses and inflammation. Calendula also excite the white blood cells in the immune system to fight microbial invaders with a little more vigor. It is good for treating skin problems of all kinds, especially cuts, scrapes, bruises and minor wounds.

Organic Coconut Oil: Both oils help promote healthy skin regeneration, fight off infection & thrush and moisturizes the skin.

Vegan Carnuba Wax: a healthy, animal friendly alternative to beeswax

Here's what it DOESN'T contain: Lanolin... and you might have noticed that most nursing butter/salves contain it. What is Lanolin and why don't we use it? Here are the facts: Lanolin is the greasy discharge from a sheep’s sebaceous glands. It is used in all kinds of cosmetics, from lip balms, shaving creams, hair products to breastfeeding creams. Although it has been touted as highly effective in soothing & healing chapped skin, lanolin usually contains a heavy load of pesticides from the wool being soaked in chemicals to remove parasites before the lanolin is scoured out of it. This is not something you want your newborn ingesting, because they will ingest bits of whatever products you apply to your nipples.